Planetary Annihilation RTS Game Needs Backers On Kickstarter

This is Planetary Annihilation it is a real time strategy (RTS) game being developed by Uber Entertainment and is raising funds through the crowd funding site Kickstarter! It is a game of war, strategy and managing resources, but more than that its one of those games that can go on and on! 

These are the details on Planetary Annihilation – A Next Generation RTS by Uber Entertainment Inc;

A Solar System Is Your Playground – Expand your empire to harness the resources of entire solar systems to create vast armies with which to annihilate enemy planets, destroy rival systems and win the Galactic War!

Procedural Planet Creator – Create custom or randomized maps with our procedural planet creator. Like what you see? Save them and share them with the Planetary Annihilation community.


Anyone who backs this project on Kickstarter by pledging just $20 in the US or £13 in the UK will get a copy of the finished game with special edition wallpaper too.

Source [Uberent]