The Human Fingerprint iPhone 4 Case

Apple and the iPhone represent style and design, so it is only fitting that anyone looking for a case to protect their precious device would want something with style. This case is based on the pattern of the human fingerprint, but instead of it being printed, this case has been sculptured, very classy! 

These are the details for the cool looking IPhone 4 – Finger print Case;

Designed and Sculpted in 3D.

Have your name designed onto the case.

Tried and tested for everyday use.

Comes in four different colours.

Easy access to all ports and slots on IPhone4/4S. Camera and flash cut-outs.

Fits securely.

Made with Polyamide plastic. Textured to the touch.

Delivery Time: 15 days

Priced at $40 in the US and £26 in the UK

Source [Techcrunch]