The Zombies Are Coming Choose Your Weapon

Unlike in the movies or on TV, when the zombie uprising takes place it’s a matter of grabbing what’s handy in order to survive and not all of us are able to get hold of a magnum or even a shotgun. Luckily there is this guide and the weapon of choice for us English types is the cricket bat, because it is great for hitting zombies for six! 

These are the details on the Zombie Weapons – Cricket Bat;

Luke’s light saber, Han’s blaster, Ash’s boomstick and Shaun’s cricket bat. In life there are certain things that can be depended upon to do the job. Even if that job is destroying zombie brains. The humble CRICKET BAT as used by the eponymous Shaun in Shaun of the Dead is one of these things.

Priced at $32 in the US and £20 in the UK

Source [Red Bubble]