500000 Android Devices Infected By The Harmful SMSZombie Virus

It still seems that the easiest way to infect a device is by hiding it within a naked image and that is exactly what the people behind the SMSZombie.A have done, so far around 500,000 devices have been infected mainly in China, but this dangerous virus can exploit mobile payment systems, which can be a serious issue. 

This what TrustGo Security Labs have to say about the New Virus SMSZombie.A;

The malicious code is added to users’ devices after downloading and installing the app, so the apps themselves do not have malicious markers in the marketplace

The amount and timing unauthorized charges can be changed at anytime by the malware makers, so users are often unaware that they have been hacked

Once installed, the virus is able to disable users’ ability to delete it.

Source [The Register]

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