Fed Up With Text Speak There Is An App For That

Text speak is more or less easy enough to understand, but sometimes it is possible to just get stuck and it on those occasions when you wished that you had an app to help you out. Well the owners of Android powered devices have the Text Genie app by DCML, basically its a translator for Text Speak with a database of over 1500 text speak terms, now you can be hip and trendy without having to ask anyone for help. 

According to the description on Google Play, this is what the Text Genie app is all about;

CNFSD by TXT SPK? TGF a new app. TextGenie, launched by developer DCML, deciphers the text language and slang from incoming SMS messages and translates them into plain English for mystified adults and children alike. Making sense of the digital lexicon is no mean feat but TextGenie will do it for you automatically by drawing on its 1,500 word dictionary of otherwise indecipherable acronyms and phrases. Text Genie even allows users to build up their own database of additional words and phrases used by their children or friends.

This is a paid app available right now from Google Play at £0.89 in the UK and $1.20 in the US.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]

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