The Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships For People Who Hate Their Phones

This is something that many people around the world will like, it is the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships, and they have been taking place in Finland for over ten years and its one way of taking out all of that built up mobile phone anger on the device! It better than throwing it out of the window and you never know, you may even be in with a chance of claiming the title. Although this year’s winner was Ere Karjalainen, with a massive 101.46 meter throw! 

According to the Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships web pages, here is a bit of history;


Mobile Phone Throwing as a phenomenon speaks to people and interests people all over the world. The mobile phone is an amazing invention that makes the distances shorter and makes people available anywhere and anytime. Humour connects people globally and is also part of this sport. The children are thrilled since they are allowed to throw these expensive phones.


Source [Web Pro News]