There Are Hundreds Of Deals For The Samsung Galaxy Note At Dailaphone

Forget the iPhone 5, the Samsung Galaxy Note is the hottest property around at the moment and over at Dailaphone they have hundreds of deals just waiting to be checked out! It is almost like picking from a menu, price, carrier and cost of the actual device too, which in some cases it is actually free! In fact, it seems that the worse part in all of this is having to go through all of 264 Samsung Galaxy Note deals available on the Dailaphone site at the moment. 

This is just a short intro for the brilliant Samsung Galaxy Note;


The Samsung Galaxy Note brings all the functionality of a high-end smartphone and combines it with the superior web-browsing and multimedia prowess offered by tablet devices. Featuring an expansive 5.3″ super AMOLED display with stylus input, the Galaxy Note is the perfect device for those who use their phone as an organiser; not only does the pen allow users to annotate webpages, schedule memos but crop image files too with minimum fuss.

Source [Dailaphone]