At Last A Fully Operational Hover Bike Is Demonstrated

The California based Aerofex Corp has been showing off is cool looking hover bike that looks a bit like something we would have seen in Star Wars or any other futuristic science fiction story. In fact, this machine has been based on a 1960’s design, although Aerofex have made some technical changes and now they have what looks like an operational hover bike, cool! 

According to the Aerofex website this is a little bit of information about the hover bike;

Aerofex is taking flight in an innovative direction. We are creating exciting technology that will change the way people perceive and utilize flight. We are developing manned craft and unmanned aerial vehicles that have real utility. Our goal is to break the barriers that limit access to the benefits of flight.

There are no prices or details of availability just yet.

Source [Nerd Approved]