Bring Some Cool Arcade Tunes Into Your World With Pianocade

This is the Pianocade it allows DJ’s and just anyone else to produce some of those cool retro tunes of games gone by. However, it uses those old arcade game controls and buttons, so it really does have a smart yet retro feel to it. See it in action with the teaser demo for the Pianocade. 

These are the details for the cool and interesting Pianocade;

The Pianocade’s built-in synthesizer is based on the sound hardware of the Nintendo NES and Game Boy (specifically, one of the square wave channels: it is a monophonic square-wave synthesis engine with a 4-bit digital-to-analogue converter). Because it is monophonic, it does what many early games did in lieu of chords: it cycles through the notes of the chord rapidly (arpeggiation).

Prices start from $100 in the US or £65 in the UK and rise up to $325 in the US or £205 in the UK depending on specification etc.

Source [Geeky Gadgets]