Ever Wanted To Be A Cool Comic Artist Well Try I DRAW COMICS

Here is something for anyone interested in comics and who have ideas of their own, but sadly lack the experience and skills to pull it off. It’s the I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide, it does what it says by offering tips, skills and advice on how to create the perfect the comic book story, how cool is that? Check it out on Kickstarter where this project has gone way past its project goal. 

This is how the idea is explained on the Kickstarter site;


The I DRAW COMICS Sketchbook & Reference Guide is the ultimate tool for practicing the basics of Comic Book illustration, page design and the art of storytelling.  We’ve designed the ultimate Comic Book Artist Field Guide by combining commonly used industry reference materials and 100+ sketching templates into a ubiquitous and iconic molelskine sketchbook form.

Budding comic artists can get this book for just pledging $20 (£13) on Kickstarter; there are bigger offerings for those who donate more!

Source [Comics Alliance]