Here Is Your Chance To Back The LiftPort Space Elevator Project

The idea of a space elevator is nothing new, but the chance to be involved in with such a project is new and its LiftPorts chance to make this dream a reality. Currently they are looking to get just $8,000 (£5,000), but that is only the first stage the real aim is to build the project slowly until they reach the ultimate goal where the project is raising hundreds of millions of dollar, only then will the project reach for the stars.

This the background on the LiftPort space elevator according to their pitch on Kickstarter;

Have you heard of a project called the “Space Elevator”?   I hope so.  If not, please look it up.  If you’re aware of it, at all, in any capacity other than old Science Fiction, then it is a safe bet that my talented team at LiftPort was somewhere in the background. You see, we’ve been catalyzing and coordinating the commercial development of the Space Elevator for over nine years.   I was personally involved with NASA’s 2001-2003 definitive research study.  My company, LiftPort, grew out of the results of that study.

There are plenty of goodies available to anyone who backs the LiftPort project on Kickstarter starting from $1 (£0.69).

Source [Inquisitr]

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