These Three Designer Style Lights Have A Lot Of Bottle

This is a cool lighting design that has a great style to it and uses old beer bottles too. It is a lighting track that can be used just about anywhere because when the lights are operational they appear to be just lights with a cool lighting effect depending on the style and colour of the bottle used.

These are the details for the Beer bottles Track Lighting Fixture. 3 Track lights & Track;

Beer bottles Linear Track light fixture: Three track lights; 44″ long Track and Power Canopy; with mounting hardware and instruction manual. Each track light is made from used 16oz aluminium beer bottle. Line voltage. The track head is a single circuit 3-wire (“H”) system. Many current projects require or specify a 3-wire system. It is easier to ground, and has more accessories than the other systems. Also, it is 100% compatible with HALO, which makes substituting really easy.

Priced at $265 in the US and £173 in the UK

Source [Etsy]

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