What Was The Final Descent To Mars Like For Curiosity

Like everything else, it is hard to imagine exactly what any experience is like unless you have actually gone through it yourself. However, landing on Mars is something that most of us will never experience and that is why this Space Flight 101 video is so important for us to see how Curiosity made it to Mars in one piece.

These are the details that Space Flight 101 provided with the video;

This video shows the final descent of NASA’s Mars Science Laboratory Descent Vehicle from Heat Shield Jettison through Touchdown as captured by the Mars Descent Imager that was provided by Malin Space Science Systems. Raw, unprocessed images were used for this video. Spacecraft UTC: Start: 5:15:21 – End: 5:18:11 — 666 Frames. The video is playing at 4 frames per second, actual average rate of the MARDI Images is about 3.88 fps.


Source [Buzz Feed]