Check Out Geek Con 2012 The Place For Top Tech Innovators

All right, I know it is a bit late for us to be talking about Geek Con 2012 as it takes place at the Caesaria Marine Center, Sdot Yam in Israel next weekend, but that does not mean that we cannot take an interest in what is going on there. Basically, there will 160 cool dudes showing off their skills and projects, we will let you know what happens after the event. 

These are some of the details on the cool and exciting Geek Con 2012;

The Geekcon creativity has attracted some big-name sponsors including General Motors, Microsoft, AWS (Amazon Web Services), Yahoo, Autodesk and Google who will all send participants and equipment to the event.

Examples of announced projects for this year include: Android controlled submarine, electronic skateboard, a social urinal, a camera for cats, Android powered Zeppelin, ShabbosDroid and a fully equipped superhero outfit.

Source [Geek Con]