Free App Can Free Up Space On Most iOS Powered Devices

It is a fact that most users of iOS devices have a lot of unwanted files, cookies and other stuff taking up a lot of storage space, which is going to make the device slow and sluggish! This is where the PhoneClean app comes in as it can clean up all of that unwanted garbage and speed up the device, did mention that it is free!

These are some of the features available with the PhoneClean app;

So far, there is nothing like PhoneClean that can give you a fast and simple iPhone cleanup solution!

This iPhone cleaner freeware is your best choice to clean App caches, cookies and off-line files; sweep off media temp files and reclaim other storage space on all your iOS devices.

Feel your iPhone is getting slow? Worry about iTouch or iPad running out of disk? PhoneClean is right for you!

The PhoneClean app is free and can be downloaded from HERE!

Source [iMobie]

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