Want To Be The Robot Well You Can With BERO

We love cool robots and the BERO is a cool looking robot that started off as a wired version, but soon the designers realised that Bluetooth is cool and so now the BERO is a little robot four inch high robot, that is controlled via Bluetooth! You know that you want one, don’t you? 

These are the main details for the Be The Robot (BERO) Bluetooth Controlled Open Source Robot;

The initial design inspiration for BERO came from the Google Bug Droid, especially after seeing a bunch of them twitching around using servos and long wires at Maker Faire.

Wanting to improve upon things, we thought that it would be great to make a 6-motor animated robotic toy based on the Google Bug Droid. We initially thought that the Google Bug Droid design was Open Source


This project is currently going through Kickstarter, there are thirty days to go and they are about at third of the way to their target.

Source [Ubergizmo]