Fangamers Retro Wear Gamers T Shirt Collection

Here is a chance to get your hands on some of the coolest gamer T Shirt designs around! This project is currently going through Kickstarter where it has twelve days to go and is well over the projects pledge goal, so these designs are going to be available as soon as they can get them into production! 

These are the detail on the Fangamer project on Kickstarter;

Fangamer takes its love for classic video games and channels it into the highest-quality gamer swag we can produce. We’re proud of our incredible designs, soft prints, and comfortable shirts, but we’re even prouder of our dedicated community of video game fans. We hope to inspire those fans to harness that energy into improving themselves as artists, designers, and writers. We just happen to make slick gamer clothes as well.

These T Shirts will be priced at $22 (£14), but by pledging $80 (£50) on the Kickstarter project page the backer will receive four cool T Shirts!

Source [Destructoid]

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