Creative Guerrilla Group Makes It Snow In Latvia During The Summer

The streets of Riga the capital city of Latvia are not unknown to the odd covering of snow during the winter, but this time of year, it is a welcome break from the white stuff! However, KUT a group of artists, filmmakers and musicians thought it would be great to create snowfall in the city and call it “Oh Joy”; it seems that most folks enjoyed this reminder of what is to come! 

Oh Joy! from kut on Vimeo.

This how the creative collective KUT produced a winter’s day in the middle of summer;

We brought the country to the city. To revive the grey concrete, to break the routine and give you a moment to reflect on what we are and where we are going. Sometimes surprises just happen and we have no influence over them but we do have influence over our perception. How ready are you to accept whatever life throws at you with a smile?


Source [This Is Colossal]