Dreadball In The Future This Will Be The Olympics

This is Dreadball and its a game that is as scary as the name would suggest, this science fiction based board game offers the players the chance to build a team in accordance to the eighty four page rulebook, remember read those rules before playing the game of Dreadball! 

Here are the basics for the futuristic game of Dreadball;

DreadBall – The Futuristic Sports Game is the hyperkinetic sci-fi sports game of unparalleled speed and ferocity – a fast, fun and tactical miniature sports board game written by Jake Thornton and created by Mantic Games.

Two coaches compete for victory with teams of beautiful miniatures on a stunning sci-fi pitch. The game is easy to learn, yet challenging, with carefully orchestrated plays and counter attacks hinging on positioning and the mercy of the dice gods.

This game is currently going through the crowd funding site Kickstarter where backers are able to select a whole range of pledges to receive benefits.

Source [Mantic Games]