Portable Gaming Console For Android Games

The gaming world is facing some dramatic changes; the most important is in the social gaming world! This is where games are free and millions of users get involved. So enter the MG device, a handheld console with a four inch display, ARM Cortex processor, 1 GB of Flash memory and running the latest Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 operating system. It is not ready yet and it is struggling to raise enough finance to get going, so is there really a market for this kind of handheld console.  

These are the features for the MG device from their pitch on Kickstarter;


Let’s face it, every kid/tween/teen wants a smartphone . . . not to talk on, but for games and other apps on the internet. And every parent would like to be able to stop sharing their smartphone with their nagging kids.   This was the inspiration behind MG. It is a new solution for those who want their own portable, pocketable device to play app games on;  but without the big expense of packaged video games or the monthly data plans that come with smartphones.  We have designed MG to be affordable, even after you buy the device, for the 63 million kids under 18 years old (approximately 52 million of which do not own a Smartphone), who are among the heaviest game users, and for their parents who usually end up paying the bills.


There are plenty of opportunities over at Kickstarter to get involved in the development of the MG hand held gaming device.

Source [Kickstarter]

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