The Official Game Trailer For The Blast-A-Way App

This is Blast-A-Way it is a game from iTunes, well we say it is a game but it’s more like a puzzle than a game! Either way the role of the player is to help out three robots who are on a quest for lost boxies, which are scattered throughout the games levels. These robots have help in the form of teleporters, portals, bombs and other gear, so the player is going to have to use their brains to get through this one! 

These are the details on the Blast A Way mobile game;

If you love to use your brain capacity to solve clever puzzles, to save helpless creatures, to blow things to pieces, then Blast-A-Way is definitely a game for you! A true 3D physics puzzler like nothing you have ever seen before. Whether you are young or old this game will bring you many hours of satisfaction and joy, problem solving and skill trials as well as great successes and laughs.

This app is available now from the iTunes Stores at £2.99 in the UK and $4.99 in the US.

Source [You Tube]