Geeky Folk Might Like A Different Sort Of Ring

Not everyone wants to live with the conventions laid down by the older generations and one way to express your independence from this is through jewellery! Not all girls or guys want a standard style ring and so these 3D printed rings in silver could be just the job as they look like mechanical pieces that have been re-purposed, it is a cool idea and you never know they might just say yes!

These are the features for the cool looking Mechanical Ring in silver;

3D-Printed in high quality silver, this ring makes for a unique accessory. The ring is part of a series that is designed in collaboration with Marieka Ratsma. (this particular ring is a size 7) The 3D print technique allows this ring to be made for custom size. Sizes: 5 =15.7 mm 6=16.5 mm 7=17.3 mm 8=18.2 mm 9=18.9 mm 10=19.8 mm 11=20.6 mm 12=21.3 mm 13=22.2 mm

Priced at $190 in the US or £119 in the UK

Source [Shapeways]