Official EA Trailer For The Battlefield 3 Expansion Pack Armored Kill

This is the official trailer for the latest expansion pack for Battlefield 3 from EA, its called Armored Kill and comes with four new maps, a new game mode, new vehicles and up to twenty unlocks too. There is also a massive patch released with the expansion pack to fix those annoying bugs.

According the video posted by EA Vision, this is what we can expect from the expansion pack, Armored Kill;

Prepare for all-out vehicle warfare as Armored Kill launches today for PS3 Premium members! This trailer features never before seen game play from all four maps in Armored Kill — from the beautiful snow-capped Alborz Mountains to the biggest map in Battlefield history, Bandar Desert.

EA will be releasing the third expansion pack in a couple of days time!

Source [Zo Knows Gaming]