Apparently There Are Actually 99 Shades Of Grey

It seems that while Fifty Shades of Grey is a breaking all sorts of publishing records, the folks that buy it are actually missing out on a further 49 shades of grey! However, worry no more because 99 Shades of Grey is on its way and this is a book that literally has all 99 shades of grey from start to finish, it does get a bit dark towards the end though.

This is what the guys over at have to say about the project;


A lot of people are saying “That’s hilarious, but I can’t tell if you’re kidding or not…” Alas, we’re not. This is a real book consisting of 99 pages of progressively increasing greyness. Each grey shade will have a name given by backers who choose the $15 option. Any unpurchased names will be determined by the staff.

You can back this project from as little as $1 or £0.70 depending on where live on the Kickstarter site.

Source [EIN News]