Buying Or Selling A Car There Is An App For That

There is supposed to be an app for almost everything these days, that may not be entirely true but anyone looking to buy or sell a car might interested to know that there is an app that can help with that. It is from the one of the largest used car websites in the UK, and the app for iOS powered devices allows the user to search for their next car without having to sit down at the computer. This may not be an app that is used all of the time, but for the car buyer it can save time and make sure that they get to that special car before anyone has the chance.

These are the features to the new Motors app for the iPhone;

Got an iPhone? You’ve just found your best route to finding your next car, new or second-hand. Our clever new App puts a choice of 160,000 motors within a few taps of your finger-tips. So if you want to buy from a big dealer, little dealer, specialist, car supermarket or the fella that lives in the next street, we have what you need to find them… faster.

This is a free app and it is available from the iTunes Store to download right now!

Source [Motors]