So There Is A New iPhone What About Those With Older Models

There is no doubt that the iPhone is a cool device, but for the die hard Smartphone user it is lacking in certain features such as a good camera flash, expandable memory and a decent battery life! Well all of those issues will be coming to an end with the iExpander case, as you will be able to expand the memory with a microSD card, get a flash feature for low light camera shots and double your battery life too! 

These are the details on the iExpander as described on their Kickstarter page;

Why doesn’t the iPhone have expandable memory? We don’t know but we wanted it, so we added a microSD card slot to our iExpander. Now you can expand your iPhone memory up to 64GB (largest microSD card we are aware of). Transfer any Apple supported file (movies, videos, pictures, spreadsheets, etc.) from your iPhone to the iExpander microSD card or from anywhere else to the microSD card and then to your iPhone and the app is very easy to use.

The iExpander is on Kickstarter where for a pledge of just £44 or $75 you can pre-order one.

Source [Gizmag]