Technology And Online Gaming

Technology has come on a pace since the times when we could only play casino games at real casinos. Then the internet came of age and was a massive game changer; before too long playing casino games online on sites like River Belle became commonplace. 

Another huge game changer was the iPhone that was launched in 2007. Although this was not the first smartphone it hugely surpassed the rest of them in many ways, but most significantly as an excellent internet connection device. The software included a fully functional browser called Safari and aided by a great touch screen for the first time made mobile surfing the web almost equivalent to surfing from a desktop. One important result was that mobile gaming became practical and fun.

Google was quick to follow suit with Android as was RIM with consumer orientated Blackberry smartphones however there was a setback. Apple refused to allow gambling apps to be marketed in their App store and Google followed suit banning gambling apps from the Android Market.

However these decisions did not halt the growth of mobile casino gaming, and gaming software developers turned their attention to HTML5 based games that could be played in the Safari browser on the iPhone and HTML5 and Adobe Flash based games that could be played on the Chrome browser on Android phones.

While browser based casino games are excellent there are still some benefits in standalone games that are downloaded as apps. These are available from mobile online casinos and offer some advantages over browser based games particularly in terms of graphics and sound.

Essentially the apps that are available for Android mobile devices are the equivalent of those that run on the iPhone. The real difference lies not in the app but in the hardware. Some people prefer advanced Android phones while others are happy with their iPhone, but there are few if any differences between the apps themselves.