Hitman Absolution Trailer Shows The Tools of the Trade

There might still be a couple of months to go before Hitman Absolution is released, but gamers can still get some insight into the game with cool trailers such as the latest Tools of the Trade trailer. Being a hitman it seems that just about anything can be used even a plunger and dancing hulu girl statue, yes when you are hitman anything goes, literally! 

These are the details for game play video from Hitman Absolution;


IO Interactive presents “INTRODUCING: THE TOOLS OF THE TRADE”, the third game play trailer in the INTRODUCING series, showcasing the vast and inventive toolset at Agent 47’s disposal. Guns, screwdrivers, a coffee cup or even a plunger – everything can become lethal in the hands of the Original Assassin.

Expect to see Hitman Absolution in the stores from the 20th November on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

Source [Lazy Gamer]