The Bottle Opener That Fits Into Your Wallet

It has to be said that not everyone carries a bottle opener around with them, but most people do carry a wallet, so makes sense that a bottle opener that fits into the space designed for a credit card would come in handy! That is where the Leverage credit card sized bottle opener made from carbon comes in handy. 

These are the features for the credit card style bottle opener;


Leverage is a credit card sized bottle opener that takes advantage of the inherent strengths of carbon fiber, allowing for a super thin (.059″) and ultra light weight (.3oz) design you won’t have to think twice about carrying around. In other words… no more need to key-fob around.

You can get your hands on one of the first bottle openers off the production line with a pledge of just $20 in the US or £13 in the UK.

Source [Cool Material]