The iControlPad 2 Connects To Any Bluetooth Device

This is the iControlPad 2; it means that once it is connected to a Smartphone via Bluetooth, the user will have the upper hand when gaming against their friends. Not only that there is a handy 55 key keyboard for easy typing, especially cool when placing your name on the leader board! Its battery powered but one charge will last around fourteen hours, which is long enough for any gamer! 

These are the specs and features for the iControlPad 2;

The world’s smallest, lightest and fully functional Bluetooth gaming controller

Compatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy S2 and many, many more

iCade emulation for over 30 compatible App Store games (no jailbreak required!)

Dual analogue nubs, digital D-Pad, 6 face buttons and 2 rear buttons

Bluetooth connection with HID keyboard, joystick and gamepad modes

Universal Metal Clamp, for attaching it securely to almost any phone

Dual analogue on your iPhone without jail breaking!

Internal 1360mAh rechargeable battery, with support for charging your phone via USB

Upgradable firmware, new features can be added and restrictions bypassed

Exclusively made in the UK and Germany

In order to pre-order one of these cool controllers the user will need to come up with at least $70 or £44

Source [Technabob]