The Retro Pong Type Game For Four Players

The simple game of Pong launched the games industry as we know it today way back in 70’s, now it’s back, but with one big difference this time four players can take part! This is RetroBall and currently the developers are raising funds through Kickstarter, once in production buyers can choose from a DIY version or a ready made games machine, I know which one I would be choosing! 

This is what the RetroBall game will be offering fans of retro gaming;

RetroBall has been designed with game play in mind. You aren’t just aimlessly trying to hit a ball back to the other players, you are actually able to spin the ball off in different angles and at different speeds depending on how you hit the ball. This makes for some great challenging game play – perfect for ganging up on one player in-particular.

Fans of retro games will be able to pre-order this game on Kickstarter with a pledge of just $149 in the US or £93 in the UK.

Source [NBC News]