Get Your Own Dalek Made From The Original BBC Plans

The Dalek used to be the mortal enemy of the Doctor and mankind come to think of it, but today their technology and the fact that they cannot handle the stairs have made them yesterday’s enemy. However, that does not mean the end, this is because you are now able to buy a full size replica model made to the BBC specs and using the original moulds, the only downside is the cost. 

These are the details and specs for the replica Dalek;

Product Features: Officially licensed replica dalek

Manufactured by hand to order

Made from same moulds and specifications as the original Daleks

Ball-jointed arms

Plunger arm extends in and out

Dome rotates 360°

Built on small casters for ease of movement

Dimensions: Measures approximately 160 cm (H) x 86.4 cm (W) x 109.2 cm (D)

This cool replica of a Dalek will set you back £3,500 in the UK or $5,700 in the US

Source [Nerd Approved]