Is That An iPhone No Its The iShaver

This looks like the ideal gadget for anyone that loves technology but hates facial hair! It is the iShaver with built in USB for charging and yes, it does look a little bit like an iPhone. Therefore, you imagine the fun that you could have with this in the office or wherever you choose to take a shave these days. 

Here are the features and details for the brilliantly cool looking iShaver;

Beard haters and tech lovers have joined forces to bring an exciting new discovery into the world of bathroom technology.

At first glance, you might think someone left their Smartphone in the toilet but upon closer inspection you will realise that it is in fact a portable shaver.

The iShaver is a must have for apple addicts everywhere as it’s a slim line portable razor that can be recharged via your USB ports.

To get a smart close shave its going to cost you £20 in the UK or $33 in the US

Source [Red 5]