Multiplo Give Kids The Chance To Build Robots

If there is ever a good time to start learning about anything it is when you are a child and it stands to reason that learning about robotics and computer systems at an early age is going to set you up. That is what the Multiplo project is all about, it running through Kickstarter and so far with twelve days to go the project has raised almost nine times the goal required. 

These are the details for the neat little Multiplo robotic kit;


Our project started with a need. We were educators in lack of a flexible teaching material for robotics. We were not satisfied by what was available at the market. It was clear that we needed to find a solution. We started prototyping robots by laser cutting acrylic and wiring some breadboard to it.

This cool robotic kit can obtained by backing the project on Kickstarter with just $85 in the US and £53 in the UK.

Source [Multiplo]