The iMpulse Controller For Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming is big these days with just about every mobile phone having at least one or two games ready to go at any time. However, there is often something missing from these games and that would be greater control, yet you cannot take a controller around with you, or can you! This is where the iMpulse Controller comes into its own, connecting by Bluetooth it offers full control of those games during difficult times. 

These are the details for the iMpulse mini games controller;


The iMpulse is a classic example of our approach. While we think that mobile gaming rocks, and online/downloadable games and content are the cat’s whiskers – we really can’t embrace the idea of clumsily jabbing at and squeegeeing around our smartphone screen, trying to guess where we’re headed and blindly guessing at obstacles. And cars/planes/tanks are meant to be CONTROLLED, not squashed under-thumb!


This mini controller will retail at around $40 (£25) however, backers can pledge $30 in the US or £19 in the UK can get a pre-order in.

Source [Geek]