There Is Even A Cool Gadget For Scrapping Windscreens

Most drivers have an ice scrapper in their car somewhere, but there is nothing impressive about the shape or the style of these tools. However, check out the Eva Solo, this is a classic looking ice scrapper, but it folds up and is made from shiny metal instead of a cheap plastic. 

Here are the details on the Eva Solo Foldable Ice Scraper;

The Foldable ice scraper from Eva Solo is always close at hand. It folds in half so it can easily be kept in the door pocket, the glove compartment or in the centre console in your car. The ice scraper has a hard plastic scraper for removing ice and a soft rubber scraper to clean the windows of snow, sleet and dirt. The handle is made of stainless steel.

The Eva Solo will set you back around £17 in the UK and $27 in the US

Source [Uncrate]