Gadgets That Look Awesome But We Don’t Really Need

We can all agree that we use modern technology every day, and it always being improved. The problem is now, is that companies are running out of useful gadgets to invent. In the process of trying to make life easier for us with electronics, some devices out there are either too silly to use or are useless in a practical environment. This list covers a few of the gadgets that look great, but are only around for the novelty. 


Retro Phone Handsets


The original mobile phones were bulky and heavy, requiring a strong arm to even pick one up. Now, the average mobile phone weighs no more than 200g. Retro handsets may not be as heavy as old mobiles, but they are bulky and can be difficult to carry around. They may seem like a great novelty idea, but that’s all they are. They don’t improve sound quality and seem a little costly at £15-£20.

Smart TV


What appears to be the next step for many electronics manufacturers is to create Smart TVs. This is the integration of the television and the internet, creating a seamless interactive experience on only one device. Although they aren’t readily available yet, the ability to turn your HD TV into a ‘smart’ TV is already here. Companies, such as, have already designed devices to connect to your TV. These feature an Android operating system and use downloadable apps to surf the internet, much like a smartphone. Not only do these devices do what a Smart TV will eventually be able to, but at a fraction of the price.




No one truly enjoys cleaning their house. The idea of a robot doing the dirty work sounds fantastic, but to make sure it’s done properly, you need to do it yourself. To spend a half an hour twice a week with a broom or vacuum shouldn’t be too hard, even for the laziest of us. Even though Roombas have a decent reputation for cleaning tiles and carpet, they have also been known to harm or scare pets. At over £400 for a good quality Roomba, it is better value for money to get a Dyson and do it yourself.

USB devices for the office


There are so many USB powered gadgets that you can buy, that it has become a market in itself. They’re fine for Christmas stocking fillers, but do you really need to buy that mini desktop Henry Hoover for yourself? USB hand and foot warmers, fish tanks and owls that spin and flap their wings are but a few small USB powered devices that you can buy for your desk. Admittedly, the USB missile launcher may make you the most feared and popular co-worker, but the novelty will soon diminish.


Fitness Aids


Quick fixes to weight loss are more often than not the ones that never work. The heavily televised equipment usually claims to work better than any before it, giving you a toning work out with very little effort. The Shake Weight is a 2.5 pound dumbbell on springs, which works out your arms and shoulders, rather than lifting weights. The Giddyup! Core Exerciser imitates the movements of horse riding to improve your balance and core muscles. Technology is not only making it easier for people to work out, but it is starting to do the work for you.


Technology is indeed making our lives easier. Despite all the advances that we have made, sometimes, being simple is the key.