Famous Speeches Make Cool Voice Print Wall Art

You can get a lot of different art ideas for your home or office! However, some pieces are slightly more different from others like the Epic Frequency voice prints of famous people. The firm have on offer the voice prints of Neil Armstrong “One Small Step”, Ronald Reagan “Tear Down This Wall”, FDR “Fear Itself”, John F. Kennedy “Ask Not”, Martin Luther King, Jr. “I Have A Dream”, Romney 2012 RNC Speech, Barack Obama 2012 DNC Speech and Barack Obama 2009 Inauguration. 

These are the details for the brilliant Epic Frequency wall decoration;


Epic Frequency was an idea between friends that started in 2008. Nathan Moore and Bill Seaver were publishing a monthly podcast and one evening after a recording session wrapped up, they started talking about the “cool design in the recording software made by the audio.” That sparked a conversation that grew into what eventually became Epic Frequency. Over the next two years they talked about the idea on and off and finally got more serious about it in 2010. Nathan and Bill worked on it periodically between their own businesses and in 2012 they officially launched Epic Frequency.

These interactive wall decorations are priced from $300 in the US and £186 in the UK.

Source [Cool Material]