Lost Your Phone Use A QR Code To Find It

Losing your phone is nightmare and finding it can be almost impossible. However, Findercodes believe that they have an answer to this serious issue QR Codes! The code holds your contact information, but obviously this relies on the person finding the phone, camera or whatever else you find valuable to tag, checking the QR code and getting in touch. 

Here is some useful information on the FinderCode security system;

We have all lost or found something. We are human and well things tend to get away from us. FinderCodes was created so that all the things we value can find their way back ASAP even if we don’t know they are missing. Watch this video to learn more.

Findercodes will be priced at £16 in the UK or $25 in the US for a pack containing one medium, one small and five smaller adhesive tags.

Source [Mashable]