Touch Screen Watch From Phosphor Watches

This is cool looking watch that offers the user touch screen technology, it is the Touch Time watch from Phospher Watches that has today reached its funding target on Kickstarter, well it has actually blitzed its $50,000 target by backers pledging almost $315,000! So expect to see these watches going retail very soon! 

Here are the details on the Touch Time touch screen watch;

Touch Time is a stylish and revolutionary spin on the typical digital watch, which has been virtually unchanged the past 20 years. It utilizes a touch interface with the same capacitive touch screen technology that can be found in Smartphones today. Touch Time is extremely easy to use, allowing you to change the time display or select apps with a swipe of a finger, rather than requiring a myriad of button pushes.

The retail price of the Touch Time watch is expected to be at around $160 in the US or around £100 in the UK.

Source [Biz Journals]