Get Your Own Mobile iPhone Telepresence Robot

Here is a cool idea that will create a mobile telepresence with this Helios robot powered by the user’s iPhone or iPod. This is an interesting idea, that has plenty of uses around the home and office the free app gives the user more control over how the Helios interacts and makes the overall experience a bit more interesting! The immediate problem for the Helios is fund raising; the project has a long way to go with under 26 days to go. 

These are the details on the Helios mobile telepresence robot;

Simply install our iOS app on your device, unwrap Helios from its packaging, and you’ve got everything you need! Open the app on your device, place it in Helios’ seat, turn the device on and,  voila – a mobile telepresence device! To control Helios remotely, all you need is a browser and an Internet connection. Whether you are down the hall or around the world, controlling Helios is simple. Want to share control? Anyone on this planet (or any other!) can ask to share Helios provided an Internet connection and browser.


The retail price is expected to be around $120 in the US or £75 in the UK, while a pledge of $99 in the US or £62 in the UK on Kickstarter, will get them a pre-ordered Helios.

Source [Gizmag]