If Project Fiona Gets 10000 Facebook Shares Or Likes It Could Become Real


First seen at the CES 2012 in Las Vegas, but then it was merely a concept design and yet now it seems that due to popular demand on Facebook this interesting handheld gaming device might actually make it to the production line and into the stores. They require 10,000 shares or likes should be enough to prove that this is one project worth going ahead with. Whether this will actually happen is anyone’s guess but those shares and like are mounting up every day.



According to the Project Fiona Facebook page, this is what we could be getting from the tablet gaming machine;



Earlier this year, we announced a concept design – Project Fiona: The World’s First Tablet Designed for PC Gamers. We’ve been working on it since then and have narrowed down a couple of key concepts/designs. We would like to reach out to the community to see the level of interest before we actually launch it. If you’d like to see Razer make the product that won “Best of CES” People’s Voice Award, then now’s your chance to let your voice be heard.



So far, there are just under 8,900 Facebook likes and just under 3,600 shares on the Project Fiona Facebook page, so it would seem that the people like this machine.


Source [Ubergizmo]