The Smart Speaker From Phorus

Sometimes the audio output from a Smartphone or tablet device is just not up to the quality that we are used to and the same goes for the volume too. Therefore, what is needed is a smart speaker and that is where the Phorus PS1 comes in. This little gem can be used on its own or as part of the network of speakers to produce quality audio in every room.



Here are the features for the interesting Phorus PS1 Speaker;

Even mobile devices need a break sometimes.

The PS1 Speaker includes a snug, secure place to hold and display your Android device.

Fits phones and tablets of all shapes and sizes.

Supports vertical or horizontal positioning.

When docked, you can charge your device with the included USB connector cable.

The Phorus PS1 speaker is priced at $200 or £125 depending on where you are living.

Source [Phorus]