Could The Microsoft Surface Could Cost Around £150

It does not seem possible but could the much awaited tablet from Microsoft, the Surface cost just $200 (£120!) according to some sources it seems that this might be the price of the entry model making the Surface one of the cheapest full size tablet computers on the market today. 

This is what you can expect from the Microsoft Surface when it is eventually launched;

From touch to type, office to living room, from your screen to the big screen, you can see more, share more, and do more with Surface. Create, collaborate, and get stuff done with Office. Explore your world with fast, fluid Windows 8 apps. Discover new music, movies, and games in the Windows Store.

Price to be announced on the 26th October or thereabouts, but Steve Ballmer, the Microsoft CEO, has hinted that the price will be between $300 and $800, which makes it about £186 to £500, which as a ball park figure is still not too bad.

Source [CBS News]