Special Limited Edition Magazine Shows Built In Android Smartphone

We have seen this type of tech embedded into magazines before, but it never really takes off due to the costs involved. Yet hear we see again that a digital advert is being tried out, this time it is by the CW Network in the US to show the channels new shows. It is based on an Android OS, with a small LED screen and it also has 3G connectivity so that it is able to run live content. Its and interesting idea, but due to the costs it is hardly likely going to catch on. 

According the people at CW they told Mashable that;

The ad is powered by a custom-built, smartphone-like Android device with an LED screen and 3G connectivity; it was manufactured in China.

Could this really be the future for the magazine or is it too late for printed media to make a stand against the online threat.

Source [Geek]