One Day Your Suitcase Will Follow You To Your Car

The worst thing about travelling is not the waiting around; it is the carrying of luggage especially if you tend to carry a lot with you! Well this is the Hop suitcase, it comes with a free app and when the two are in sync, the suitcase will follow the phone and you! 

These are the details for the Hop! The following suitcase;


Hop is a suitcase that follows the user. Represents the next generation of luggage, the following. The suitcase contains three receivers that are able to receive, identify and triangulate different signals coming from the user’s cell phone. A microcontroller interprets these signals calculating the phone’s position regarding to the suitcase. The same microcontroller operates a caterpillar system based on compressed air, which follows the user at a constant distance. If the signal is lost the user is alerted by the vibration of the phone and suitcase locks itself. The bags can be programmed to follow one to another or are controlled jointly by the staff that handles the baggage at airports or stations.

Currently this is a concept design, but who knows one day this might roaming around the airport after you.

Source [Coolest Gadgets]