The Larklife Will Monitor Your Life

This is the Larklife bracelet from Lark the firm that brought us the wrist alarm and the sleep coach bracelet. However, the Larklife is a bit different, as it will monitor your sleep, eating and exercise patterns twenty four hours a day. It is not available at the moment, but the device and its free app can be pre-ordered. 

This is what the Larklife device will able to offer the user;

Exercise smarter – Tap into your optimal exercise time and make your workout work for you.

Eat smarter – Get insight about what to eat and when, so you feel more energized and keep a healthy weight.

Sleep smarter – Improve your sleep and wake up more refreshed without bugging your sleeping partner.

Energize smarter – Pick up your productivity at work and at home with tips on how to focus and feel energized.

The Larklife will cost around $150 in the US or £94 in the UK

Source [The Next Web]