No Batteries Required With The Logitech Harmony Touch

How often do you need to use the TV, set top box or DVD player in a hurry only to find that the batteries are running down? Well it happens to most of us more times than we care to remember, but the Logitech Harmony Touch is remote where batteries are no longer an issue and its Smartphone appearance blends perfectly into the modern home and its universal too, you only need one remote now! 

Here is what Logitech has to say about their new Harmony Touch remote control;


There was a time when your standard remote was enough. Today, home entertainment is anything but standard. There are more devices, more channels and more options than you could ever have imagined. That is why Logitech is rethinking the remote with the Harmony Touch.


There is a downside to the Logitech Harmony Touch, it is not cheap at £160 or $250 depending on where your TV is located.

Source [Uncrate]