Ever Wanted A Twin Then Why Not Make One

You have got to admit it, having double would make life so much easier as you could quite literally be in two places at one time! Unfortunately this type of technology is not possible yet, but you can produce a mini version of your good self with the help of Foldable Me. Sure it’s not an exact copy, but we are all different even our twins! 

Foldable.Me from Mint Digital on Vimeo.

These are the details on the Foldable Me;

Foldables weigh in at a mighty 10g and stand 8.5 cm tall (roughly 3.5in). Each one is made to order using our secret blend of matt laminate cardboard and high grade inks. They are precision cut and scored to be sturdy little souls – but they would not be much good in a fight.


Of course, you did not expect this to be free did you? In order to make a foldable mini me, you will need to part with $12 or £8 depending on where you live!

Source [Incredible Things]