The Cygnett Workmate Case For The iPhone 5

Anyone who has chosen the iPhone 5 will no doubt be aware of the cost of this device even if you have it on a contract with a carrier its expensive. So therefore you are going to want to protect this phone from scratches, marks and especially if you happen to drop it, we have all done this in the past and the result is a damaged phone that you have live with for one or two years and that is just not a good feeling at all. 

Well, it seems that the phone case designer and manufacturer Cygnett, have been thinking about the same thing. This is because they have come up with the Workmate Case, this is a tough case that can protect the iPhone from a drop of seven feet and to prove this claim there is a video where this is claim has been tested to the full.

This case comes in couple of colours blue and khaki, which combines well with the black finish of the rest of the case. It comes with a handy screen protector and it weighs just 1.2 ounces because it is made from the tough and light silicone with a polycarbonate exterior shell.

According to the Cygnett website, this is what you can expect from the Workmate Case;

WorkMate combines a heavy duty shell and impact resistant inner to defend your iPhone at work or play. The slim fit, dual material case is extra protective and pocket-friendly. Enjoy access to all functions and screen protector.

Basically, what you have here is a great looking case, that is reasonably priced and you know that should you happen to drop your brand new shiny iPhone 5 the chances are it is going to survive the drop without even leaving a scratch or mark! Now that has to be worth thinking about.

You might expect a case of this high standard to be expensive, but the Cygnett Workmate Case will cost you just $32 in the US and £20 in the UK! Not much for the iPhone 5 owner to pay out for this sort of protection, if you are going to have a case on your iPhone, then it might as well be a case that is going to protect it from damage.

Source [Mobile Tech Review]

Eric Blair writes about cell phone protection measures and how to extend their life by using cases from ShadesCases and other similar sources.